An announcement of the arrangement committee

for establishing the Association of Underwater Naturalists in Japan,

and the first statement from the honorary member of AUNJ,

Dr. Jack T. Moyer

We are preparing on establishing of AUNJ. Educating about marine life and developing awareness of the ocean environment are of the main purposes of the association. Everyone who is interested in the world beneath the sea will be welcomed. We cordially invite you to join us.

AUNJ will provide a common meeting ground for debating on the ecology of marine life and the environment of the ocean around us. AUNJ will provide websites (AUNJ-HP), newsletters, bbs (AUNJ-BBS), mailing-list (AUNJ-ML) and occasional seminars.

All of members will be able to have free access to AUNJ-HP, and to receive newsletters , and also to gain access to AUNJ-BBS, in which members will debate each other and with lecturers and secretariat with your name.

The secretariat and lecturers will be linked with AUNJ-ML. The secretariat of AUNJ will be located in the research designing office, Suiko-sha Co.Ltd.

Lecturers will be involved of marne biologists, ichyologists and ocean naturalists invited from universities, authorized institutes and others related.

Both admission fees and annual membership fees will be appropriated to the operating capital of AUNJ.

The first statement from the honorary member of AUNJ,

Dr. Jack T. Moyer

It gives me great pleasure to be associated with the new Association of Underwater Naturalists in Japan. For many years, since the military airport controversy at Miyake-jima and the New Ishigaki Airport plan at Shiraho, I have been deeply concerned about the general publics ignorance and associated apathy concerning the health of our oceans. Government policies, not only in Japan, but worldwide, reflect this unfortunate state of affairs.

Traditionally, those of us with deep interests in the marine environment have been guilty of directing our full attention toward our own particular specialized interest. Mine, for example, has, for a long time, been the reproductive ecology of reef fishes. Others specialize in fish classification, corals, plankton, underwater nature photography, art, ocean journalism, fish watching, etc. What we all share in common is both a love of the ocean and a deep interest in its health. Current trends concerning the health of the marine environment are not encouraging. Soil runoff, PCBs, dioxine, global warming, excessive solar radiation resulting from ozone depletion, oil spills, overuse and mismanagement of ocean resources by our human population, etc., have combined to endanger ocean wildlife globally.

The Association of Underwater Naturalists in Japan offers us an opportunity to pool our resources, our talents, our interests and our concerns and to cooperate to provide information that will hopefully lead to a better understanding of ocean systems by all humans, from government officials to everyday people. We will be able to focus our research efforts on specific marine environmental problems and to work for a better understanding of our ocean environment. This Association brings together concerned individuals from many disciplines. It offers us a powerful network for sharing research and for information dissemination.

It is a special pleasure for me to have the opportunity to work again with my good friend Dr. Yutaka Yogo, Chairperson of the committee. He spent many weeks at my research station, The Tatsuo Tanaka Memorial Biological Station at Miyake-jima, in the 1970s and early 1980s, while conducting his doctoral research. We spent many unforgettable hours discussing our research, sharing our favorite beer brands and our musical tastes, and fully enjoying the excitement of being on the front wave of fish behavioral research at that time. We work well together and enjoy each others company. I am confident that our collaborations with the Association of Underwater Naturalists in Japan will be equally rewarding, productive and immensly enjoyable.

I look forward to a productive, successful Association with numerous members.

Jack T. Moyer (Ph. D)

Candidates for membership: Please contact to the following address by e-mail or facsimile using the accompanying form. E-mail is the preferred form of communication.

Chairperson of the committee :Yutaka Yogo (Ph.D.)

Contact Address: Secretariat of AUNJ. c/o Research Designing Office, Suiko-sha Co. Ltd., 687-2, Taku, Munakata, Fukuoka, 811-4175, Japan .
Tel: +81-940-38-0139
Fax: +81-940-38-0140

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